Pulse Oximetry

Your organs need oxygen to work properly. Without oxygen, your body cells will not be able to function properly and you will die soon. As a matter of fact, cell death may cause a lot of symptoms and the organ may fail before long.

Actually, your body supplies oxygen to your organs once the oxygen has been filtered via the lungs. Then the lungs provide oxygen with your blood through the hemoglobin proteins found in your red blood cells.

What pulse oximetry does is measure how much oxygen is in the hemoglobin proteins. This is known as oxygen saturation, which shows how much oxygen your organs are getting. Normally, it is between 95 and 100 percent. Moreover, if this level falls below 90{81286a32cd2194b625a1cc346001f528f30c8abd648a031d858698ac827b6913}, you should get medical assistance as soon as possible.

Actually, these devices can be attached to a foot, wrist, finger or other devices for measuring the oxygen saturation. Oxygen saturation may fall below the minimum level due to many reasons, such as drowning, choking, infections, and suffocation, just to name a few.

These devices shine a light through some transparent area of your skin and then the light shines through to the powerful sensor fitted on the other side of the wrist. Now, the amount of light that your blood absorbs shows the oxygen saturation. Actually, this device doesn’t get the measurement directly. Actually, it makes use of a complex equation for estimating the exact level.

Pulse oximeters are a great choice for those with certain conditions that may reduce the oxygen saturation. If you have such a condition, your doctor may recommend a good device so you can keep an eye on your oxygen saturation levels at all times.

With this device, you can also find out more about how effective your breathing interventions like ventilators and oxygen therapy are. Moreover, some doctors recommend their patients to use this device especially patients that have cardiac or respiratory conditions.

If you are interested in buying one, you can opt for one even if you have no health conditions. As a matter of fact, some companies market these devices to parents with young infants. This gives them peace of mind that their infant is in good health. However, if you use these devices, make sure you don’t rely solely on this device. Subjective experience is still important.